HeartEye Village CSA is a pilot study CSA farm created in collaboration with HeartEye Land Trust and Fantastic Farm Enterprises and located in Lafayette, Colorado about 8 miles east of Boulder. Our goal is to create a working model for an environmentally and financially sustainable urban micro-farm for the proposed HeartEye Village residential development and to help new or existing farmers learn how to start CSAs especially in urban areas. We feel that it is increasingly important to advocate for and help create more local food sources in America’s urban areas.

From 2009 through 2013, HeartEye Village CSA operated a 1/4 acre, pilot study micro-farm, offering non-certified organic vegetables, herbs, seedlings, compost and cut flowers for 25-30 CSA members. We are currently not operating the CSA but conducting small research trials on vertical growing and season extension methods. We use sustainable, beyond organic, and permaculture techniques. We also board horses, grow hay for them and make compost from their manure.

Our Methods

We do not believe in using chemicals on the food we eat or raise. Our methods are non-certified organic (or Beyond Organic) using horse and llama manure, cover crops, compost and other natural fertilizers. We use natural integrated pest management (IPM) methods such as companion planting, row covers, and beneficial insects to keep the “bad” insects at bay.

In 2011, we constructed an unheated high tunnel and successfully operated our first Winter CSA at the end of the year. We are experimenting with extensive intercropping in order to grow more food without expanding our cultivation space.

Our goal is to provide the best produce we can, while caring for the land and being as sustainable as possible.