May 24 2011

Hoop House

As you can see, the hoop house for the Winter CSA is coming together.

May 18 2011

Red Radishes and the HeartEye Golden Arch

As you can see, the first bright red, crispy radishes are just starting to be ready.

May 11 2011

The plants go outside!

Climbing temperatures mean that the seedlings took their first plunge outside of the greenhouses. We began setting out the transplants last week to harden off and get acclimated before we stick them in the ground.

May 4 2011

Potato Buckets

This past week we set out plastic 5-gallon buckets by the garden to grow some red potatoes.

Apr 25 2011


These past few weeks have brought us some much-appreciated precipitation!

Apr 19 2011

Black Stuff / White Stuff and Coir

Some people walking around the property have stopped to ask, “Why are those black tarps on the ground?” and “Why are those white sheets over the rows?”

Well, those black tarps are weed barriers.

Apr 11 2011

Seeds in the Ground!

It was a busy week in the garden.

Apr 4 2011

Not Quite Enough for Salsa or Pesto… Yet

Things are picking up quickly here on the farm.

Mar 29 2011

Happy Spring!

Hello everyone!

Mar 17 2011

Intern position has been filled

Our internship position has been filled.