CSA and Annual Reports

What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is a mutually beneficial relationship between farmers and community members that helps keep agricultural land in production. Community members support the farm by purchasing a share in the harvest before the growing season. In return, the farmer takes good care of the land while growing flavorful, healthy food. While the farmer is tending the Earth on behalf of others, members share the costs of supporting the farm and share the risk of variable harvests (and also share the over-abundance of a particularly fruitful years). Membership in the CSA is based on shares of the harvest.

A full share feeds 2 people generously. These are $450 for 16-18 weeks of produce. The cost of each 2-person share breaks down to be $28/week. We also offer the option of a half share for $225. For our winter CSA shares are approximately $200 for 12 weeks of produce.

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